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Software per Calcolo Numerico



Foxes Team.

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Warning for Vista-Excel 2007 users.

This site contains programs for Windows 2000/XP, Excel 2003/XP and VB6.
Sorry, but other systems/versions are not supported


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XNUMBERS 5.6 - Multi Precision Floating Point Computing and Numerical Methods for EXCEL

Xnumbers is an Excel addin (xla) that performs multi-precision floating point arithmetic from 1 up to 250 significant digits. It is compatible with Excel XP and consists of a set of more than 270 functions/macros for arithmetic, complex , trigonometric, logarithm, exponential calculus. Linear Algebra: System resolution with Gauss-Jordan algorithm (also in a didactic step-by-step method). Gauss-Seidel iterative method. Matrix operations. Determinant. Matrix Inversion. Characteristic Polynomial with Newton-Girard formulas. Crout's algorithm for LU decomposition. Similarity Transform. Matrix power.
Polynomials: symbolic computation to add, multiply, divide polynomials. Derivatives of polynomials. Interpolation with Newton formula. Rootfinder algorithms: Jenkins-Traub, Durand-Kerner-Aberth, Newton Generalized, Laguerre, Siljak, Ruffini. Orthogonal polynomials. Numbers Theory: MCD, MCM, factorization, prime number, fraction reduction, modular power, Diophantine equation, Brouncker-Pell Equation, Integer relation with PSLQ algorithm. Statistic: Mean, Variance, Multivariable Linear Regression, LRE, Probability distributions. Integration : Double Exponetial, Romberg , 2D Romberg, Complex integration, Newton-Cotes, Filon, FFT, DFT, 2D-FFT, Infinite integral. Numerical Series evaluation, real and complex serie. Special function: high precision 64b Bessel, Gamma, Gammaln, Digamma, Incomplete Gamma, Fresnel, integral sine-cosine, exponential integral, error function, Beta, Incomplete Beta, Fibonacci, Airy functions, Elliptic integrals. Interpolation : polynomial, fractional, cubic spline, 2D random interpolation. Derivativse: Gradient vector, Jacobian matrix, Hessian matrix. Diff Equat. Runge-Kutta-4, Adamss multi-steps, Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg. Optimization on site with Downhill-Simplex (Nelder Maid) algorithm.
For further details see XNUMBERS- Multi Precision Computing

Tutorial of Numerical Analysis with Xnumbers.xla -Vol 1. Nov. 2007, PDF (2.5 MB) ,
2007 by Foxes Team. Download at the document section

Download v 5.6 Feb 2008 (2.3 MB) . - last update 16-2-2008 - REVIEW


FIRE-UP your Excel macros!
XNUMBERS DLL ActiveX - Multi Precision Math Library

Xnumbers.dll is a free math library that encapsulates the multiprecision arithmetic engine of the Xnumbers.xla addin for Excel. It's an ActiveX DLL for VBA and Visual Basic that performs multi-precision floating point arithmetic from 1 up to 200 significant digits. It is compatible with Win2000/NT/XP and consists of a set of more than 90 functions for arithmetic, trigonometric, logarithm, exponential and matrix calculus. Complete of Reference Guide. (for smart programmer only!)

Download v 1.1.7 Dic .2008 (0.8 MB) . - last update 5-12-2008 - REVIEW



MATRIX 2.3 - Matrix and Linear Algebra functions for EXCEL


This Excel XP addin contains useful functions for Matrix and Linear Algebra.
Norm. Matrix multiplication. Similarity Transform. Determinant. Inverse. Power. Trace. Scalar Product. Vector Product. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of symmetric matrices with Jacobi algorithm. Jacobi rotation matrix. Real and complex Eigenvalues with QR algorithm. Eigenvalues of tridiagonal matrices with QL algorithm. Characteristic polynomial. Random matrices with given eigenvalues. Random matrices with given Rank or Determinant. Several useful matrices: Hilbert's, Houseolder's, Tartaglia's, Vandermonde's. Hessemberg form. Gauss-Jordan algorithm step by step. Linear Systems. Solving Linear Systems with iterative methods: Gauss-Seidel and Jacobi algorithms. Singular Linear Systems. Linear Transformation. Gram-Schmidt's Orthogonalization. Matrix Factorization: LU, QR, QH, SVD and Cholesky decomposition. Sub-matrix extractor. Rank. Floyd's shortest-path algorithm. Complex matrix operations. Complex Inversion. Complex Linear Systems. Complex Eigenvalues/Eigenvectors of real and complex matricies. Lin-Bairstow polynomial root finder. Polynomial rootfinder with HQR algorithm. Linear system with tridiagonal matrix. Inversion of tridiagonal matrix. Block-triangular reduction. Toeplitz Linear System. Linear, polynomial and pieces-polynomial regression. Admittance matrix of Linear Network. Leontief matrix All functions work in standard 32 bit precision. Sparse linear system. For further details see MATRIX function list. Help on line. No installation. Freeware and open source. For math fans!

Tutorial of Numerical Analysis with Matrix.xla -Vol. 1 and 2, PDF (1.2+1.2 MB) ,
Dic. 2006 by Foxes Team. Download at the document section


Download v 2.3.2 March 2007 (1.0 MB) . - last update 18-1-2007 - REVIEW




MATRIX 2.3 Light -This version contains only function macros (no sub macro, no menu, no DLL, no help). It has set up for old Excel versions and for MAC OS system. Not fully tested. This add-in is provided as a courtesy to others that may find it useful, but use it with your own responsibility.

Download v 2.3 Dic 2006 (0.4 MB) . - last update 4-12-2006




BIGMATRIX 1.2 Large matrices elaboration in Window OS and EXCEL


Tools for big matrix elaboration in OS Window 2000/NT/XP. This package contains programs adapt to invert large matrices with thousands elements and to solve linear system with many variables (up to 250 ). Operations performed are: inversion, multiplication, solving linear system, linear regression and polynomial regression. Tridiagonal linear system up to 2000 variables. Fast Fourier Transform for 16.000 samples and 2D FFT for (250 x 250 samples). A useful Excel addin for handling large matrices. Help on-line. Freeware. Bigmatrix supports only the point as decimal separators.
Available a
Tutorial at the document section


Download v 1.2.2 May., 2007 (450 KB) . - last update 5-5-2007 REVIEW




Exchange matrices between DERIVE and EXCEL


The file DERIVE.XLA is a Excel-addin-macro that contains function to transfer vectors and matrices from DERIVE to Excel 95/97/2000/XP and vice versa. It is useful, for example, to make well refined reports and graphs, or to test algorithms in different environments. It works like the standard copy/paste functions. Very easy to use. Freeware. Tested with DFW 4.xx (all versions) and 5.0. For further details see Exporting DERIVE into Excel


Download Sept., 2002 (38 KB)




Exchange matrices between EULER and EXCEL


EULER is a very nice freeware program for quick and interactive computations with vectors and matrices, real and complex numbers. In general, EULER is a numerical matrix system. (EULER is not a MatLab clone, but very similar to this program). Many times we need to compare matrix results in different environment. This little addin allows the exchange matrices between Euler and Excel . For further details see Addin for exchanging matrices between EXCEL and EULER


Download Oct., 2003 (100 KB)




Exchange matrices between muPAD and EXCEL


muPAD is a very powerful Computer Algebra System mainly developed at the University of Paderbon

in Germany.. Many times we need to compare matrix results in different environment. This little addin allows the exchange matrices between muPAD and Excel . For further details see Exchange matrices between muPAD and Excel


Download June, 2005 (100 KB)




Exchange matrices between Scilab and EXCEL


Developed at INRIA, Scilab is suitable for system control and signal processing applications.It is freely distributed in source code format (see the copyright file).Scilab is made of three distinct parts: an interpreter, libraries of functions (Scilab procedures) and libraries of Fortran and C routines. Scilab is a very nice freeware program for quick and interactive computations with vectors and matrices, real and complex numbers. For further details see Exchange matrices between Scilab and Excel


Download , Aug 2007 (200 KB)




XNUM.DLL - Multiprecision Floating Point Library for Scilab


This little DLL contains functions for performing multi-precision floating point arithmetic up to 200 significant digits in Scilab for Windows. The arithmetic core, rewritten in C and compiled with Win32-LCC, was derived from Xnumbers. The package also contains the complete set of interfacing functions. Documentation enclosed. Easy to use. Freeware.
For further details see Xnum.dll manual.


Download , v. 1.0, Sep 2007 (300 KB)




Class Math Expression Parser


v. 4.2 by Leonardo Volpi, Michael Ruder, Thomas Zeutschler, Lieven Dossche.

A nice class for parsing and evaluating math expressions in Visual Basic and VBA. This version accepts also exponential (1.23E-3) and physical numbers with unit of measure like m, MHz, ms, kg, etc and mathematical and physical constants. Now with more than 150 functions and operators recognized. Open Source. Freeware. Documentation in PDF enclosed.
For further details see
Math Parser explanation


Download Feb. 2007 (380 KB) - last update 1-3-2007 -REVIEW


Download vb demo with clsMathParser

Example demo 1 Evaluation toolbox in VB6 Ago, 2003 (thanks to Jakub Zalewski)

Integration demo 1 Evaluation toolbox in VB6 8-4-2004

Plotting demo 1 Evaluation toolbox in VB6 8-4-2004

Plotting 2D demo 1 Evaluation toolbox in VB6 8-4-2004



Class Complex Math Expression Parser


v. 3.4 by Arnaud De Grammont and Leonardo Volpi

Starting from the v.3 of MathParser, Arnoud has extended the parser evaluator to complex numbers adding a large, good collection of complex functions and operators in a separate, reusable module. Multi variables functions are supported. Fine numeric complex integration and summation functions added. For VBA and VB 6 programmers. Freeware, Open source and Documented.



Download (for VBA only) July, 2004 (100 KB) - last update 20-7-2004
Download (for VB6 ) Jan, 2003 (80 KB) - last update 20-1-2003




EBCDIC to ASCII converter for Window


This little program converts a Packed Decimal - Zoned Format - Cobol Comp-3 file (typically an IBM mainframe file) into an ASCII text file. Freeware. With ANSI-C source. Yes, I know. It is useless by now, but because it also very rare, I added it the same.

This version 1.6 fix a bug in the sign conversion with AS400 EBCDIC files (Thank to Valter Fusco)


Download Dic, 2002 (20 KB)




Fast Formula Evaluator for EXCEL


How to evaluate numeric or symbolic expression contained in a string, with math operators, built-in functions, and with also high speed and efficiency?. Try this little smart addin for Excel 97/2000. For further details see Runtime Math Formula Evaluation for Excel


Download Run_Time_ Math_Formula_ Sept, 2004 (60 KB)




Binary Arithmetic Addin for EXCEL


This addin contains useful macros and functions for binary arithmetic. Binary table generator, mapping table, binary linear system, binary linear function. Binary operators: not, and, or, xor, nand, nor, nxor, addition, subtraction, complement, shift. Format conversion. Base conversion: from 2 to 10 and viceversa. Logic function synthesis with Quine-McKluskey algorithm. Flip-Flop simulation


Download v 1.1.March., 2004 (250 KB) last update 12-3-2004. Review




Didactic Optimization Tool for EXCEL


v. 2.0 by Foxes Team

This didactic Excel 2000/XP addin contains useful macros for Function Optimization, Nonlinear Regression and Nonlinear Equation Solving. It implements the most popular algorithms: Nelder-Mead Downhill-Simplex, Newton-Raphson, Levenberg-Marquadt LS fitting, Conjugate-Gradient, Davidon-Fletcher-Powell, Broyden, Gauss-Newton, Brown and many others. All functions work in standard 32 bit precision. Help on line. No installation. Freeware and open source.
This is not a math-library but just an addin for Excel. Do not try to call our internal routines from your Excel macros because they will not run. :-)

Tutorial for Optimization Tool -Vol 1. May 2006, PDF (1.3 MB) ,
2006 by Foxes Team. Download at the document section


Download v 2.0.1 June., 2006 (700 KB) last update 20-6-2006. Review




Orthogonal Polynomials for EXCEL


v. 1.0 by Luis Isaac Ramos Garcia and Leonardo Volpi

This Excel addin contains macros and functions for playing with orthogonal polynomials:
Legendre, Jacobi, Hermite, Chebychev of 1st and 2nd class, Gegenbauer, Laguerre generalized. All functions work in standard 32 bit precision. Help on line. No installation. Freeware and open source.


Download v 1.0 Dic., 2004 (150 KB) last update 29-12-2004. Review




Finite Differences Method for EXCEL


v. 1.0 by Leonardo Volpi

This addin contains macro to solve numerically partial differential equations (PDE) and ordinary differential equations (ODE) with the Finite Differences Method (FD). All functions work in standard 32 bit precision. Help on line. No installation. Freeware.

See also "Finite Differences Method in spreadsheet" at the document section


Download v 1.0 Feb., 2005 (500 KB) last update 6-2-2005. Review




Macro EXCEL for iso-levels graphs


v. 2.1 by Simonluca Santoro

Macro for plotting iso-levels (contours-line) graphs.

see description " Plotting of contour-lines with Excel Macro"
at the document section.


Download v 2.3 Nov., 2008 (400 KB) last update 5-12-2008.





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